Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring 2010 of Denim

Spring 2010 Denim doesn’t just mean jeans: denim is popping up on shoes, jackets, dresses, even handbags. Designers rework denim into rompers, dresses and shoes for spring. The edgiest looks feature head-to-toe denim: previously a fashion doesn’t. If you're feeling extra edgy and youthful, wear it head-to-toe (which was previously a fashion no-no.) The rest of us can pick a great piece or two to update our existing wardrobes. Denim shirts and jackets look great with khaki and white, but also pair with bright like yellow.

Women wear boot-cut, straight, distressed and wide-leg now. That said, Bluebird still sells a ton of a particular denim legging, but customers no longer walk out with a new pair on each visit.However, the biggest trend for the season is actually whatever you want it to be. Runways were anything but consistent.

The streets of Soho to the boutiques of Madison Avenue, fashionistas are wearing the latest fashion styles all over town this season. Don’t be caught without the latest fashion styles for this season in your wardrobe. Our fashion experts have the low down on all the latest fashion styles.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The NBA's New Fashion Rage

Back in the olden days of the Internet — we're talking way back in 2006 — Gilbert Arenas(notes) was still bringing the ruckus. But back then, it was for good stuff, not gun stuff.
You see, back in '06, Arenas set the league on fire by wearing low-top shoes. They were kind of a big deal. He met with the press about his preference for low-tops, and he even unleashed a very Arenas-ian quote about the subject.

Here's a list of players who have at some point this season worn low-top shoes. I'm sure it's not complete because these guys change shoes like Dennis Rodman changed hair colors. However, you'll notice that this is a pretty big group of players, and quite a few big names. That's a lot of valuable ankle tendons. read more

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Know Your Clothes

This may sound a little off, but if you know each piece of clothing front to back, you'll be so much better off. You should know the following things about each individual item in your closet:

The fabric and designer.
  • Colors it looks best paired with.
  • What style of clothing it looks best paired with (long, short, fitted, loose).
  • The right accessories and shoes with it. This knowledge will help you know what your wardrobe is lacking and what your most-valued pieces are. It will help keep your wardrobe organized. Keep the information on record and in order with pictures, sketches, lists, or a database.

Keep Track
If you're really set on looking great day after day (and you're willing to put quite a lot of effort into it) I suggest planning ahead and keeping track of your daily ensembles. This works great during school-months or for planning vacations.

Get a notebook or calendar that can be solely devoted to describing and recording outfits. This eliminates trying to remember when you wore an outfit last ("Did I wear this the other day? Last week?)." Instead, you'll have written records to look back upon.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fashion and Trends

This is one of my reason I created a site that will talk about the fashion trends, I believe that our world are full of fashion and trends and this is one thing other people can't move on if they are not updated of whats new, whats the latest in trends and fashion. What they want and what I learn about the latest fashion trends including runway trends, clothing, accessories, handbags, shoes and more. The is the nice and sometimes make us smile due to some trends never change and we like it that way we have the style before, the trends and its fun to try or just to look at it.